Carl Fairclough, Product Designer

Carl Fairclough is a designer currently based in Manchester Berlin Dubai Vienna between Lisbon & the UK, working to create Products for people in the Middle-East & North Africa by using an interaction design toolkit and peer-to-peer technologies.

Project History

  1. Status: Product Design Lead, Wallets
  2. Mamo: Product Design Lead
  3. Product Design Lead
  4. ConsenSys + Smart Dubai Office: Product Design Lead EdTech
  5. ConsenSys + 🔒: Product Lead, FinTech
  6. ConsenSys + Dubai Properties Group: Design & Front-End Lead, Governance
  7. Sixo + ZeroHeight: Product Design, Design Systems
  8. Sixo + noon: Design Systems Lead, eCommerce
  9. Sixo + DesignStudio London: Design Systems Lead, eCommerce
  10. Sixo + Yum! + NowTV: Design & Engineering Lead, Rewards Promotion
  11. Sixo + Braun + Tesco: Design & Engineering Lead, Marketing
  12. Sixo: Co-founder, Co-operative
  13. Voiteq: Design Systems Lead, Asset Tracking
  14. Nesle + Cineworld: Design & Engineering Lead, Rewards Promotion
  15. Formisimo: Design & Front-End Lead, Analytics
  16. Timetastic: Interaction Designer, HR Tooling
  17. Mediaburst: Interaction Designer, Communications Tools
  18. Florence: Design Engineer, Healthcare
  19. SEO Creative: Web Design, Healthcare


Design: Systems Design, User Research, Information Architecture, User Flows, Wireframing, UI Design, Testing, Data-driven design

Development: Javascript, CSS, HTML

Org: Design & Development Integration, Decentralized Collaboration