Project: Champio

Champio aproached me looking for a designer to rethink their confusing MVP and turn it into a fun, engaging tool within a very short timeframe.

I worked within a tight schedule and completely overhauled their product, whilst also helping the team to make better design decisions in the future.

The majority of my time was spent wireframing and consulting with the team to make the user flows as seamless as possible.

The final UI deliverables were based on wireframes developed by myself after lots of collaboration with the team, and by taking existing styles.

Champio Social Media Sharing Design by Carl Fairclough

The bulk of the project entailed wireframing & user research.

The end-goal was to create a sharing tool which was seamless and easy-to-use, integrating it with platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Champio Social Media Sharing Wireframe Design by Carl Fairclough Champio Social Media Sharing Responsive Design by Carl Fairclough

The UI work started with Style Tiles, which found their way into elements which were at first designed along with the rest of the app. Iterative changes were made to individual modules and styles shared as much as possible in order to keep development costs down.

Champio Style Tile Design by Carl Fairclough
Champio Social Media Profile Design by Carl Fairclough