Project: Formisimo

I began work on Formisimo after they had received seed investment. I came in to accelerate the development of the product and massively improve it by bringing the inherited UI up-to-date and redesigning user-journeys.

With the team, I designed and built many different aspects of both the app and the marketing. I ran many AB/multivariate tests to ensure that I was not having a negative effect on users - the data proved that I wasn't, and I was integral to Formisimo's accelerating sign-up rate.

Since working on Formisimo, it has been featured widely in the media and has won many awards. Sign ups continue to increase and the product has a bright future ahead of it.

When starting on the project, the marketing material was identified as a real weakness and was having a negative effect on user impressions. I created concepts for future material, began to feed ideas from it into production by running many A/B tests.

Tthere was also no online billing system. I worked with the development team to build billing into the app using Stripe.

Multiple scenarios were tested and accounted for, and the amount of paying users rocketed after this functionality was implemented.

The sign-up & onboarding process was identified as being massively flawed, requiring people to choose a plan to trial.

I planned an overhaul of the process, negating potential user issues and making it as smooth as possible. I prototyped the in-app onboarding process, delivering reusable code which could be used in production.

I initiated the project with extensive wireframing and planning, going through as many different iterations as possible, whilst also making sure that it could be released incrementally - ideally as a part of a weekly deploy process.