Project: Textburst

Textburst has always had a very good design ethos behind it and their focus on usability makes them a leader in their field.

Coming in with the opinion that Textburst should do one thing, and do one thing well – an ethos shared by other team members – I spearheaded a campaign to further simplify the product.

This product effort was co-ordinated with a marketing effort which saw me redesigning all marketing material and bringing the brand in line with the app. Textburst is a simple, friendly tool, with a helpful team behind it. The old design was very imposing and I sought to correct that.

This effort to make the product as delightful to use as possible lead to it being featured across many websites, and resulted in both its revenue and user base increasing.

"Carl’s user-centric design skills were critical to the success of recent Textburst app and marketing website updates. Solid frontend abilities meant he was able to tackle the project from initial concepts through to production-ready code."

Textburst's marketing material was initially iterated upon until we decided that it would do best with a complete overhaul.

Pain-points were identified so they were revamped to funnel users as smoothly as possible. A key part of this change was a redesigned homepage, with very little content – a tactic which proved to be incredibly successful.

Summary emails were designed and developed to maximise the tool for users, and minimise the need for them to constantly check Textburst. The less time they had to spend in the app, the more valuable the service became.

In-app concepts were developed to make it as easy-to-use as possible. An unobtrusive UI proved to be the most effective, and the attention paid to details became a talking point for users.